Becky Robertson

Sennelier Extra-Fine Artist Acryliques

A palette of 120 high-quality pigmented colors
  1. Sennelier Extra-Fine Artist Acryliques contain only the highest-quality pigments, selected to assure clarity, purity, opacity, and stability over time. A broad palette of 120 colors, most made from a single pigment, including four interference and six iridescent colors.

    With a texture that duplicates the rich, creamy working properties of Sennelier Artists’ Oils, Sennelier Extra-Fine Acryliques are ideal for working with layers or wash drawings; in combination with other techniques such as pastels, charcoal, or ink; in overlays; and for creating collages and inlays. They can be used outdoor as well as in the studio, and adhere well to non-oily surfaces, including paper, canvas, cardboard canvas, wood, fabric, cement, plaster, and some plastics and metals.

    They can be worked with a brush, painting knife, metal spatula, fingers, or directly from the tube to obtain thick lines. Their excellent spreading properties make them easy to mix, allowing for an infinite number of shades without altering luminosity. They are excellent for coatings and can be mixed with Sennelier mediums and retarders to modify their texture, viscosity, transparency, or luminosity. They are low-odor and dry rapidly to create a permanent, insoluble, non-cracking, non-yellowing, water-resistant film.

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