The Roadrunner & The Rabbit

Given that Easter is almost here, this is an apropos and completely true story about fresh new life, hope for the future, and the intervention of a higher power in the daily struggle between life and death in the desert.
  1. Yesterday afternoon, my middle child Ryan, who is a student and tutor at the community college, came home with a remarkable story that I just have to share with you. But before I do, I must warn you that it’s full of terror and intrigue and it ends very badly for at least one of the characters. So, those of you who are squeamish... beware !

    roadrunner_01_joann.jpg As a tutor, Ryan works in the student center, which is an open building with walls that are mostly floor to ceiling windows that look out onto desert landscaping. Since the campus is also a lovely park-like desert arboretum, a variety of local wildlife has naturally made it their home.

    Yesterday, the student center was pretty busy, which caught the attention of a young roadrunner, one of the more curious of the local denizens, who came up to the window to see what was going on inside the big glass box.

    Of course the human occupants were just as excited by the visit as the roadrunner was curious about them, and they all rushed about trying to get pictures of him. One of these lovely people, Joann, was kind enough to send me the shots that she was able to get.

    Unfortunately, this is where the story turns tragic.

    As the humans were just getting started in their general oohing and aahing and picture snapping, the roadrunner got distracted by something that he found far more interesting than a bunch of humans hanging out in a box.

    Something had moved.

    the_catch.jpg Something had popped it’s head out of a small hole in the ground. Something small. What could it be? Was it was tender and tasty? Could he catch it?

    He just had to investigate. He would be crazy not to, after all, a roadrunner's gotta eat!

    He dashed over to the little hole, reached in quick with his long sharp bill and pulled whatever it was out so fast that it didn’t even have time to scoot further down the hole.

    Then he ran like the dickens toward the parking lot to get his prize somewhere safe before it could be taken away from him.

    And he might have made it too.

    Quite the Catch!

    To the surprise of the roadrunner, and the horror of the human onlookers, the small something turned out to be an adorable baby bunny rabbit.

    An absolutely terrified adorable baby bunny rabbit.

    But the little guy wasn’t so terrified that he played dead. No, he was a smart bunny and he wanted to live! He tried to get away.

    He wiggled and squirmed in the roadrunners grasp and nearly got away. Of course the roadrunner wasn’t having any of that, he wasn’t losing such a wonderful find.

    He swung the little rabbit up and bashed his little head on the ground. Plunk!

    Mom & Dad To The Rescue

    As the adorable baby bunny rabbit lay stunned in the grasp of the wily roadrunner, mother and father rabbit mounted a desperate rescue mission.

    They were brave and ferocious in their assault on the murderous kidnapper. It was a full-out attack!

    They lunged at the roadrunner, jumped on him, knocked him from side to side with their bodies, bopped him with their front legs, and boxed him in so he couldn’t escape to the parking lot.

    They were relentless in their attack because they knew that if he made it to the parking lot, their innocent baby was most certainly a goner.


    In his frantic struggle to escape mom and pop rabbit’s unexpected attack the roadrunner lost his grip on baby, who, though still stunned from the knock on his head, ran for the nearest cover.

    Having achieved their goal in getting the roadrunner to drop their baby, mother and father still didn’t back down. They knew that the the battle wasn’t over yet . They had to keep the roadrunner away from their precious youngster until he could make it back to safety of the burrow.

    Side by side now, they used their furry bodies to create an impenetrable wall between the would-be assassin and his prey.


    As mother and father rabbit were mounting their rescue mission Joann, our lovely photographer for this tale, jumped into action.

    Running to the now unprotected burrow, she set herself as guardian of the two remaining babies and enlisted Ryan to rescue the baby who was still under siege.

    While not a dangerous mission, it was still fraught with peril as the little guy was nearly as afraid of Ryan as he was the roadrunner!

    Before Ryan could return the frightened fellow to the burrow he hopped out of his hands and hit the dirt with a squeak of pain and surprise, then he absolutely refused to get back into the burrow.

    In the end the roadrunner’s hopeful, though short-lived, dinner plans were thwarted and the adorable baby bunny rabbit survived his near fatal misadventure.

    So, as they say, all’s well that ends well… at least for the rabbit family.

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Becky Robertson
Becky is an artist-in-progress, a sometimes-writer, and a web developer from the beautiful state of Arizona. She is also really bad at public speaking and a terrible photographer, both of which are completely beside the point. Well, maybe not the part about being a terrible photographer! She has three children, three dogs, six birds and one amazing husband... who is a much better photographer.
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