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This has been a long, difficult, and rather painful week here in Toula Boula Land, full of bitter pills to swallow, more tears than I care to admit, lessons that I learned long ago but chose to forget until now, and insights into the world and the people in it that I don’t care to have.

I don’t do well with turmoil, it tends to set me into a tailspin and I lose any semblance of Zen-like mojo, not to mention wisdom and composure, I may have!
  1. I like beautiful things, kind people, soft memories and the small joys of a simple life, so in times like these I remind myself of a little song from a story, “The Best Nest” by P.D. Eastman, that I used to read to my children when they were small:

    “I love my house. I love my nest. In all the world, my nest is best!”

    It brings me back toward my happy place. It re-grounds me in the things I love most in the world. It simplifies my little world and reminds me of what’s really important and what makes me… well, me.

    This too Shall Pass

    It’s not a cure all for a bad day, or week, but it IS a good first, second, and third step in the right direction.
    It’s something soothing to mumble through the tears.

    “I love my house. I love my nest. In all the world, my nest is best!”

    I have been blessed with so many precious, wonderful, important things in my life. I have been given comfort, love and joy in abundance so sadness hasn’t enough room to take hold for very long, so this too shall pass.

    It’s something calming to hum through the gritted teeth of anger and frustration.

    “I love my house. I love my nest. In all the world, my nest is best!”

    I may be angry or frustrated now, but this is my life and it’s a good life. It is a life filled with the people who I have chosen to love and have chosen to love me back, even, and usually most especially, when the world outside seems particularly cruel and ugly. I can wrap myself up in it and I’m safe from the storms outside. And that’s a good place to be, a happy place to be.

    “I love my house. I love my nest. In all the world, my nest is best!”

    It’s something that reminds me that there have always been times of difficulty, pain, and sorrow, but this too shall pass, and tomorrow (or maybe the next day) the sun is going to shine, the birds are going to sing, the world is going to return to it’s normal patterns and everything is going to be okay, because I am right where I belong.

    I’m in my happy place, and though it might not be happy right at this moment, it will be happy again very soon.

    Your Happy Place

    When things are bad it can be easy to get mired down in all the negativity, to lose yourself in the anger and the tears, and forget all the beauty around you. But, just because it’s hard to see right now, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

    Don’t let the sadness, worry or anger get in the way of finding your way back to your happy place.

    the-best-nest_zpsf1c05d87-e1473163631204.jpg Remember All the Happy Moments

    Remember kindnesses both given and received, laughter shared with friends and family, new discoveries made and triumphs hard won.

    Remember the fleeting moments spent with your children; when they made you smile, the sound of their laughter, their innocent sleeping faces.

    Remember all the hands the held yours when you needed it most.

    Imagine the feeling of sand between your toes, sunshine of your face, soft breezes at the close of a long, hot day, and the excitement of winter’s first snowflake.

    All of the joys you have been blessed with, all of the wonder that has made up your life up to this very moment… that is your nest, your happy place. Keep it close to your heart as you wind your way through both the hard days and the soft ones.

    “I love my house. I love my nest. In all the world, my nest is best!”
    And so is yours!

    May your love be everlasting, your sorrows short-lived and your nest always be the best.​

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