I Is Monty, I Is Dog

By Monty, Jul 4, 2017 | |
  1. My name is Montazooma Montgomery Montague Robertson. My humans name me that, but they mostly just call me Monty. Monty is good name for good dog.

    Monty is short name for Monty Monty Monty.
    Monty Monty Monty means I get treat.
    Montazooma Montgomery Montague means I should hide.

    My mom calls me Zoom Zoom because I is fastest dog ever. Zoom Zoom is best name.
    Zoom Zoom means snuggles and belly rubs.

    I is dog. Dad says I is 'Merican Shepherd dog, but I is just dog.

    Here I is puppy. I is happy puppy. I is good puppy. My humans love me. I have five humans, I love my humans. I give them kisses. I don't like other humans, other humans bad!

    I has lots of toys. I love toys, toys are soft and nice to cuddle. Toys are fun. I is nice to toys. Toys go in box, Monty goes in box too.

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About The Author

Monty is an American Shepherd (also known as Miniature Australian Shepherd) born in Arizona and adopted by the Robertson clan. He has a very large pack which includes 5 humans, 6 parrots and 2 other dogs. His favorite topics are his pack, his toys and the places he has been in his go-for-ride-box. His posts are translated from their original language of dog by his adoptive human mother.
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