How to Drive Yourself Crazy Building a Forum

  1. Becky Robertson
    This is some text that would look good in an article of this nature. I'm too lazy right now to actually write anything witty, pithy or useful and I don't feel much like copying and pasting any Lorem Ipsum text, so this is all you get.
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    Becky Robertson
    Becky is an artist-in-progress, a sometimes-writer, and a web developer from the beautiful state of Arizona. She is also really bad at public speaking and a terrible photographer, both of which are completely beside the point. Well, maybe not the part about being a terrible photographer! She has three children, three dogs, six birds and one amazing husband... who is a much better photographer.


  1. Becky Robertson
    I think it's dumb too.
  2. Becky Robertson
    This is a dumb article.
    1. Becky Robertson
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